[Topic on TV! Mask spray of vegetable origin]
This price is possible without a box!
"JAPON WINTER", a soothing and warm scent like a cypress bath


A strong ally of the mask required to protect yourself from coronavirus, flu, cold, pollen, etc.
It's small and doesn't get in the way even if it's in a pouch or pocket.
20ml and 160 sprays are possible (average 3 months).


Because it uses ethanol derived from sugar cane, it does not have the unique ethanol odor of mask spray. A deodorant and bacteriostatic effect is also obtained by blending vegetable deodorant ingredients.
It is a 3-way product that can be used for etiquette after the toilet, pillow cover, and room fragrance.
You can enjoy the original aroma as it contains essential oil (100%) and botanical floral water.


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Relieved people, students, working people, men


[Blend content] Hinoki [Use] Spray about 2 to 3 times on the outside of the mask with a distance of 20 cm. [Raw material] Water, natural fermented ethanol, floral water (non-pesticide), essential oil, vegetable deodorant [content] 20 ml

[Mask spray] Seasonal scent Winter Cypress Botanical Cold Pollen countermeasure Deodorant Decontamination Pillow spray Aroma spray Essential oil